About Us

We started the Little Shepherd Preschool during the 1979-1980 school year to meet specific needs in our church, Phillips’ Memorial, community, and our neighborhood.  We wanted to create a preschool where our church, community and neighborhood families could send their children to learn, grow and develop.  We are a Christian school and as such encourage the children to learn respect and concern for one another.  Ours is a growing and nurturing community where teachers and staff members model Christian values and behaviors.

Our school is licensed by the Rhode Island Independent Schools and DCYF and therefore meets all necessary health, fire-safety, and personnel standards.  We are a non-profit organization and are governed by a board of parents, teachers and church members.  The Board of Directors has set its own high standards in an effort to maintain a quality school. The Rhode Island Early Learning Standards have been incorporated into our preschool curriculum, combining modern learning standards with time-honored relational values.

Our daily schedule gives your child the opportunity to learn through play, exploration, and observation and provides interaction with peers and adults.  Each month our lessons are developed around a theme that encompasses a variety of subjects and skills. Through group experiences such as Story Time, Show & Tell, art activities, and more, we foster the understanding of many basic skills that will help prepare your child for kindergarten and beyond.  We promote healthy and positive attitudes toward self, family, school, and the world.  We help each child develop his or her personal potential to be a happy, well-adjusted individual, able to get along well with others and eager to learn.